• 21. 9.China Hangzhou supervising

    Our fitter just returned from trip to China where he supervised correct installation of store in Hangzhou.                  

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  • 3. 8.HM refits

    Today we started refit of 2 HM stores, in Olomouc and Breclav, and together with other works we will have approx 46 fitters and 84 merchandisers at work.

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About us

STARA company offers you the best services in the field of shopfitting and goods replenishment with over 15 years of experience.

Shopfitting ranges from small size boutique style units with detailed work, carpentry etc. to large scale installations of mainly metal shelving for hypermarkets and warehouses. STARA servis also provides a range of other services including: plaster board, painting, general construction, transport and warehousing. For all our activities we have a team of experienced projectmanagers who help our foremans and supervisors to deliver the best performance.

Please do not hesitate to turn to us through our contacts.

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